SO HUM                                    I AM THAT

From the beginning until the end of our lives,

we carry this mantra within us

 We come into this world with an inspiration, and leave it upon an expiration.

Every inhale vibrates the sound "SO", every exhale, "HUM".

This sacred mantra calls us within throughout our life.


Because all the answers to our questions lie within, as well as the fulfillment of our desires.

Deep within, we already are all that which we dream to become some day. 


  • Yoga focuses on the unification of the being and of our different aspects: matter, energy, mind, consciousness and spirit
  • The practice of Asana (the poses), with the gaze turned inward and centered on the breath, encourages and facilitates this integration.
  • The alignment of the body acts upon the alignment of the mind, thus calming it. A calm mind will more easily perceive that which IS, leaving aside judgment and expectation.
  • Every instant is experienced with a simple and joyous presence which is open to all possibilities.
  • The body becomes a precious tool of observation of our energies, emotions and way of functioning. 
  • Intuition awakens naturally, the bodily intelligence sets in, and movement becomes easy and graceful.
  • Understanding happens spontaneously. The fluidity of body and energies is restored through regular practice. We are fully present, completely grounded in life, and open to its flow.  


"You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop."


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